The Lovering School on Lovering Road, Section 30 East was on the West Point-Lodi Town
boundary so many of the students lived in the Town of Lodi. It was named for the Lovering Family. 

Adam Gansers father, Anton Ganser, came to America from Bavaria, Germany in 1842 and
homesteaded forty acres in the Town of Roxbury, Dane County. In 1845, he married Gertrude Haas
and they had a family of four sons and eight daughters. Their son, Adam Ganser, married Josephine
Herbrand and in 1900, moved to a farm in the Town of Lodi where they raised their family of
twelve. Adam helped dig the basement for the old St. Patricks Church in Lodi with a team and
scraper. Lew Byrns wife, Florence (Ganser) Clemens, was a granddaughter of Adam and Gertrude

Adam Gansers son, Ernest Ganser, married Clara Boehmer of West Point in 1915. Clara Boehmer
was a granddaughter of Hubert Boehmer who was born in Rhine, Prussia in 1834. He came to
America with his widowed mother and family in 1852, stopping for three years in Racine County,
Wisconsin before moving on to Dane County where they lived for nearly ten years. In 1867, Hubert
moved to West Point. His wife was Sarah Lamberty and they had five sons and two daughters: Paul,
Mary, Joseph, Hubert, John, Mathias and Lizzie. Ernest and Clara Ganser had two sons, Leonard
and Hugh. Hugh wrote in the 1992 Columbia County History, We started our school career in the
one room Lovering School€¦our chores began right after school. We crossed some fields to our
woods and drove the cows home with us. Upon arriving home and revived with cookies and milk,
we were responsible for filling the wood box, lanterns and lamps. In winter our automobile, a
Dort, was put up on blocks, and our trips to town or to church were by horse and sleigh. 

In her little booklet of memoirs, Of This Stuff We Are Made, Susan A. Groves, daughter of Frank and
Emma (Herr) Groves, wrote, We all began our education in the little red country schoolhouse only
ours was white. The school was situated nearly two miles from our home and from the age of six
until high school age, we all walked that distance daily, night and morning. The school was made up
largely of German Catholics. At times we were the only Protestant children in the neighborhood. 

Sues brother, Harold Groves, wrote in his autobiography, In and Out of the Ivory Tower, Of the five
teachers  who sought to induce me to learn, only two could be rated as good. One of these was my
sister Vera€¦Among other techniques she used a sand table to dramatize history€¦This was effective
teaching, but Vera had to fight for it against the entrenched views of the school board. When the
Chairman found the sand table one day when Vera wasnt there, he evicted it unceremoniously and
hid it beneath the school porch. He explained to Vera that such childish playthings were not for
education. The way to teach was to spread before the children the plain diet of the 3 Rs. If they
did not respond then they should be leeked as he phrased it. And when they get home, he added,
we will leek em again. Vera won him around, though and he later gave her loyal support.