West Point Area Historical Commission

First West Point Area Historical Commission

Seated: Joan Ryan, Mary Ann Johnson, and Patti Schuknecht.
Standing: Chris Ryan, Carol Troestler, Ed Jacobsen, Charleen Richmond, Karon Hamilton and Della Ryan.

The swearing in of the members of the West Point Area Historical Commission in 2003 was a culmination of dedicated work on by-laws and policies. Now the enthusiastic group is ready to reap the rewards of those labors by fulfilling the designated functions of collecting and preserving history of the Town of West Point to share with contemporaries and posterity.

The West Point Area Historical Commission & West Point Area Historical Society identities are such that the Commission works like a board of directors and the society is a working committee.

The Commission meets on the first Tuesday of the uneven numbered months and the Society meetings are on the first Tuesday of the even numbered months at the Town Hall, at 7:00 p.m.

CURRENT COMMISSIONERS: Appointed by the West Point Town Board with staggered 3 year terms.

Kris Lehman & Emily Carncross (terms expiring end of April 2015)
Chris Ryan & Della Ryan (terms expiring end of April 2016)
Sharon Richmond, Mary Ann Johnson, & Terri Hancock (terms expiring end of April 2017)


Kris Lehman (Chair)
Terri Hancock (Vice Chair)
Mary Ann Johnson (Secretary)
Della Ryan (Treasurer)

GENEALOGIST: Patti Gottschall Schuknecht

Contact us: historical@townofwestpoint.us